Comprehensive Active Shooter Incident Management (CASIM)

This program consists of six sections and we suggest taking them in numerical order. The course work is for ALL public and private sector personnel, including those working within education communities, i.e., school resource officers, training officers, and security personnel and provides situational awareness related to the indicators of violence. This program compliments the “Active Shooter Response Training for the Public and Private Sector” course.

Active Shooter Response Training for the Public and Private Sector

This course was updated by NJOHSP following the tragic attacks in Pittsburgh, Parkland, Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Bernardino. This course provides all first responders and public and private sector facility officials and managers with nationally recognized procedures for personal safety, situational awareness, and general knowledge of current and continuing activities to detect, deter, and mitigate active shooter incidents, applicable to all businesses, government and education facilities, faith-based facilities, and large public gathering areas.

This training also highlights the importance of reporting suspicious activity immediately to neutralize threats posed by active shooters and save lives during such incidents.