NJOHSP Strategic Plan 2016-20

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New Jersey faces a complex, diverse, and fluid security environment, with real, pervasive, and evolving threats. But more than any time in the post-9/11 era, we are better positioned to face these threats—from homegrown and global terrorism to natural disasters to cyber attacks. We have strengthened and focused our mission to effect the most desirable outcomes for New Jersey’s citizens, institutions, and businesses.

To navigate and thrive in this complex strategic environment, New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (NJOHSP) must plan accordingly. Although we have seen great success during the past 18 months—with both high-profile operational achievements and substantial and innovative security improvements—we must meet 21st century challenges with 21st century solutions. Doing so will require a forward-looking and outcomes-based approach guided by this Strategic Plan.

NJOHSP remains focused on three core mission areas—counterterrorism, resiliency, and cybersecurity. We must increase the pace and scale of our written production; build and reinforce strategic partnerships; anticipate emerging threats and trends; develop our cybersecurity capabilities; and recruit and retain top talent. What follows in these pages is a guide for the next several years to achieve our mission and fulfill our strategic priorities. 

The execution of the NJOHSP Strategic Plan, 2016-20 requires constant and consistent evaluation. NJOHSP’s Mission Performance Bureau will provide data through existing processes to assess how the Office has performed against the five Strategic Priorities. Measuring this progress is critical to improving our overall performance. 

We have crucial work before us. Senior decision-makers at the state and local levels depend on us to help them make informed decisions, and the public counts on us to protect the State while increasing transparency and protecting privacy and civil liberties. In this respect, NJOHSP recognizes the importance of communicating with the public to increase awareness and to encourage cooperation in countering threats to New Jersey. If possible and without compromising security operations, NJOHSP will continue to leverage new media platforms to elevate our public profile. 

Thank you for your dedication to our mission and for being a partner with us on this journey.

Dr. Chris Rodriguez
Director, NJOHSP
January 2016