The New Jersey Nonprofit Security Grant Pilot Program (NJ NSGPP) provides funding to eligible nonprofit organizations across New Jersey, as described under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, at the greatest risk of terrorist attacks. 

This state program consists of two (2) grant funding opportunities as described below:

NJ NSGPP – Security Personnel (NJ NSGPP-SP): This program is limited to the hiring of federal, state, county or municipal active law enforcement officers appointed pursuant to P.L.1985, or security officers registered pursuant to P.L.2004, c.134, for the applicant’s facility.  The use of other personnel for security purposes that do not fit the above description is ineligible under this program.  This funding may not be used to supplant expenses for an organization’s current security personnel, but may be used for additional security personnel needs beyond current based on identified risk.  Under special conditions, the use of security personnel may be used for off-site events within the geographic boundaries of the State of New Jersey. The maximum amount per applicant is $10,000.

NJ NSGPP – Target Hardening Equipment (NJ NSGPP-THE): This program is limited to the purchase and installation of security equipment on property owned or leased by the nonprofit organization. Equipment is limited to select items contained within categories 14 & 15 on FEMA's Authorized Equipment List; they include items such as CCTV, card access readers, blast film, lighting, fencing, bollards etc.  The only exceptions are Alert/PA systems for emergency broadcasting. The maximum amount per applicant is $50,000.

Note:  Eligible nonprofit organizations may apply annually for both the NJ NSGPP – SP and NJ NSGPP – THE programs.  However, each nonprofit organization may only be awarded funding for one state program per fiscal year.  Additionally, the NJOHSP shall assign a preference for eligible applicants which have not received either a federal or state security grant in the last two grant cycles for target hardening equipment measures. Management/administration, training, exercise and planning expenses are not allowable expenses for either of these NJ NSGPP programs.


application information

“The open application period for the NJ NSGPP for both the Security Personnel and Target Hardening Equipment is from Monday, May 13th through 11:59PM, Friday June 14th, 2019.  Please read all instructions carefully as this is a competitive grant program.  

All awards are subject to the availability of funding.”


Whether you are applying for the NSGPP-SP or NSGPP-THE, each will require separate submissions to include the following:

New Jersey Nonprofit Security Grant Pilot Program-Security Personnel (NJ NSGPP-SP)

  • NJ NSGPP-SP Investment Justification (IJ)/Application (Do Not Alter the Template)

  • Vulnerability Risk Assessment (VRA)

  • IRS 501(c)(3) Letter

New Jersey Nonprofit Security Grant Pilot Program-Target Hardening Equipment (NJ NSGPP-THE)

  • NJ NSGPP-THE Investment Justification (IJ)/Application (Do Not Alter the Template)

  • Vulnerability Risk Assessment (VRA)

  • IRS 501(c)(3) Letter


Please click on the below link to begin the application process.  Please note that each of the required uploads must be completed and saved to your computer.  The IJ’s are available under Related Links at the bottom of this webpage.  You will be instructed to upload the required documents from a browser while applying within this system. All documents must be saved and subsequently uploaded prior to submission within this system.  Each document should be saved in PDF format. 

Applications can only be submitted through this web-based system.

NOTE: Eligible recipients who plan to apply for this funding opportunity, but who have not obtained a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number, should take immediate action to obtain a DUNS Number.

Information on obtaining a DUNS number is available at: www.grants.gov/web/grants/register.html.


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Any questions about the program can be directed to njnsgpp@njohsp.gov