A New Age of Terror?

Today, most people think of the modern terrorist as a young male, usually in his twenties or thirties; however, more recently ISIS has broken this trend through the recruitment of children and adults over 60. During this webinar, Mia Bloom and Chelsea Daymon joined us to review how ISIS recruits and leverages both the young and old as fighters.


Mia Bloom | Mia Bloom is a professor at Georgia State University. Under the auspices of the Minerva Research Initiative (MRI) of Department of Defense, Bloom is currently conducting research with John G. Horgan on how children become involved in terrorist organizations. Bloom has a PhD in political science from Columbia University, a Masters in Arab Studies from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, and a Bachelors from McGill University in Russian, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies.

Chelsea Daymon | Chelsea Daymon is currently pursuing a PhD in Communication and holds a Masters in Near and Middle Eastern studies from University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and a Bachelors in Oriental Studies from Cambridge University. Her research interests include Islamic movements, terrorism, foreign fighters related to conflicts, radicalization, and de-radicalization. She is also the Executive Producer of The Loopcast, a weekly podcast focusing on national security, international affairs, and information security.


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