Episode 39: National Preparedness Month Wrap-Up - A Look at Supply Chain Resilience

For the final week of National Preparedness Month, we take a look at supply chains, which are comprised of all the organizations and individuals involved in creating a product and getting it to a consumer. Understanding how supply chains work in New Jersey allows NJOHSP to work with private-sector partners on building supply chain resilience and ensure the products and services people rely on are accessible after a disruption. Join Senior Planners Charlie Ambio, Jim McDavitt, and Scott Gibson as they discuss supply chains and their importance to consumers, businesses, and government on the latest episode of Intelligence. Unclassified.

Episode 38: A Discussion with New Jersey’s Mental Health Experts on Disaster and Terrorism

One component of counterterrorism that we rarely talk about is the psychological impacts of terrorist attacks and other forms of mass violence. As the Disaster and Terrorism Branch (DTB) of the Department of Human Services’ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services is the recognized mental health authority for disaster and mental health services in New Jersey, in this episode, Director of DTB, Dr. Adrienne Fessler Belli, and the Director of Training for DTB discuss how their mission fills this extremely important void.

Episode 14: Oroville Dam Evacuation: Could It Happen Here?

The New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Division of Engineering and Construction administers the New Jersey Dam Safety program, which ensures the safety and integrity of dams in New Jersey and protects people and property from the consequences of dam failures. udrey Miller of NJOHSP’s Preparedness Bureau co-hosted this episode on dam safety with Bob Bostock, DEP’s Director of Strategic Communications and host of the Discover DEP podcast, making this the first Intelligence. Unclassified. episode to feature a partnering state agency as a co-host. Audrey and Bob sat down with John Moyle, Division Director for NJ DEP's Division of Dam Safety and Flood Control to talk about dam safety in New Jersey in light of the recent failure at the Oroville Dam in California.