Regional Intelligence Academy (RIA)

Training & Exercise: The Regional Intelligence Academy

The Regional Intelligence Academy (RIA) is a training partnership comprised of NJOHSP, the New Jersey State Police, and the public safety agencies represented in the New Jersey Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) region. The curriculum aims to teach intelligence tradecraft to law enforcement, first responders, the private sector, and intelligence analysts throughout New Jersey, New York City, and the Philadelphia area. These programs also help design strategies, systems, and activities that provide for intelligence and information exchange and sharing.

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RIA Violent Extremist Speaker Series 2015

The NJ Regional Intelligence Academy (RIA), along with NJOHSP and the Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN), hosted a 1-day seminar bringing together Clint Watts, Dr. William McCants, J.M. Berger, and Seamus Hughes to discuss the current threat of violent extremists and how law enforcement and homeland security professional may counter it.