Episode 24: From JerseyNet to FirstNet - A Force Multiplier for Public Safety

Join Director of Policy and Planning Eric Tysarczyk and Former Governor of Vermont Jim Douglas, a member of the FirstNet Board, as they explore the FirstNet network, what is it, how it impacts New Jersey, specifically our own proof of concept network, JerseyNet, and state plans for the next step in rolling out FirstNet’s high-speed network for the millions of public safety users in all 56 states and US territories.

Episode 49: JerseyNet for Dedicated First Responder Communications

JerseyNet is the nation’s first deployable wireless communications network dedicated for use by public safety agencies. Created to address the challenges of providing public safety officials with uninterrupted service during emergencies, JerseyNet is part of a nationwide interoperable communications movement working to connect first responders across different agencies, regions, and technologies. Join Principal Planner Alex Newman as he and Interoperable Communications Chief Steve Talpas discuss this innovative and valuable asset for New Jersey first responders.