You Are the Help Until Help Arrives: Trauma Response Training Programs

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Trauma is the leading cause of death in Americans under age 46. These life-threatening traumatic injuries require immediate action to stop someone from dying. The University Hospital’s Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response, located at the University Hospital campus in Newark, provides a variety of training courses for healthcare professionals, first responders, and community members throughout the entire State. The center specializes in the rapid development and implementation of courses to address emerging issues.

On the latest episode, instructors from the Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response sit down with NJOHSP to discuss the Until Help Arrives and Bleeding Control training programs and how they can prepare individuals for these scenarios. The group reviews these two programs and the importance of educating  and empowering community members to take action and provide lifesaving care before the professional help arrives.





Dennis R. Boos NJEMT currently serves as the Director of the University Hospital Community Training Center, as well as the Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response. Mr. Boos also serves as the Training Officer and Advisory Board Member of the New Jersey EMS Task Force (NJEMSTF). Having spent over 25 years in EMS, Mr. Boos has authored various courses in the field of EMS, including, but not limited, to the EMS Response for the Large-Scale Incidents for the EMS Provider (Awareness and Operations) and Quantitative/Qualitative Fit Testing Train-the-Trainer Programs, NJ First Responder BCON Program. Most recently, he oversaw the hospital’s response to ebola, working alongside the New Jersey Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, as well as the city of Newark. Mr. Boos is the recipient of the Healthcare Hero Award in 2015 for his role in the state’s and hospital’s response to VHF, EMS Enhancement Award, and has received a multitude of citations from municipal, state, and federal agencies.

Joseph Grassi is a 20-year staff member at University Hospital (UH) in Newark, New Jersey. Mr. Grassi started his career as an Emergency Medical Technician for the EMS department and in 2000, he was permanently assigned to the Rescue division at UH-EMS. During that time, Mr. Grassi was assigned to the Newark Police Department’s Emergency Response Team to provide medical support. Mr. Grassi also served as a Logistics Specialist for the New Jersey EMS Task Force. In 2014, Mr. Grassi was promoted to Program Coordinator for the Urban Areas Security Initiative Grant. His responsibilities were procurement, distribution, tracking, and audits of equipment for the EMS, Hospitals, and Public Health Sub-Committees. He was also promoted to Logistics Manager for the New Jersey EMS Task Force to provide logistical support during preplanned events, large-scale incidents, or disasters. In 2017, Mr. Grassi assumed a new position at University Hospital’s Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response, training first responders and the public.