Threat Assessment: Part III - Blended Extremism

The events of 2015 highlight that New Jersey—and the United States—face a terrorist landscape more dangerous than any since the attacks of September 11, 2001. Now more than ever, state and local coordination is critical to combating the evolving and diffuse terrorist threat we face. Homeland security has become hometown security, and NJOHSP is working diligently with our partners to stay abreast of terrorist capabilities.

Part three of our Threat Assessment explores the concept of "Blended Extremism," or individuals that draw their inspiration from multiple radical ideologies and tailor these beliefs to ultimately form a unique worldview to advance their violent goals.

This three-part series was adopted from a webinar our office hosted in January and is intended to expand on some of the major themes presented in NJOHSP's 2016 Terrorism Threat Assessment.

Parts I and II