Episode 42: Terrorism or Not? A Look at Labelling

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In the wake of a tragedy, classification of an act of mass violence appears daunting. The key point, whether it is terrorism or not, depends on the intent of the person conducting the violence, not the method, timing or victims.

Join NJOHSP Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana and Analysis Bureau Chief Dean Baratta as they discuss the inherent issues in first-to-report designations of terrorism, as well as a three criterion test that can help sniff out the difference between a mass violence incident and an act of terrorism.




Talking Terror is a podcast series produced by the Terrorism and Extremism Research Centre (TERC) at the University of East London. In each episode the centre director, Dr. John Morrison, talks to world-leading experts of terrorism and extremism about their research findings and its impact. These conversations will allow the listener to get an in-depth insight into the some of the best research on terrorism, from the researchers themselves. Within the episodes the guests will discuss their own research, as well as the research by others who have influenced them. Links to those projects discussed in each episode can be found within the biographies of their guests on the show's website.

In this special episode of Talking Terror, John sits down and talks to Anthony Richards and Andrew Silke. In the wake of the October mass shooting in Las Vegas, the three discuss whether this this attack should be classified as terrorism and if ISIS is not involved, why would they claim responsibility?