Episode 44: Preparing for Multiple Mass Gatherings - A Local and County Perspective

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Recent attacks, including those at the Boston Marathon, Seaside Park Semper 5K, concert in Manchester, England, and, most recently, the Las Vegas concert, demonstrate that large-scale events remain attractive targets for terrorists and active shooters.

On this episode of Intelligence. Unclassified., Point Pleasant Beach Police Chief Joseph Michigan and Agent Ron Jennings of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office joined us to discuss special events and mass gatherings. No strangers to handling multiple large events simultaneously, they shared their insights and best practices on how to better secure and plan for such gatherings. 







NJOHSP compiles a statewide list of special events to be distributed to all law enforcement agencies to provide situational awareness and to assist in local planning requirements. Special events include any event that attracts large numbers of participants and spectators in both a public and/or private venue. Examples include: concerts, marathons, firework displays, community celebrations, visits by VIPs, sporting events, holiday gatherings, etc.

We are requesting your assistance to help compile the statewide directory. Officials in any town can assist in keeping New Jersey prepared by completing an online “Special Events Submission Form” which can be found below.

A comprehensive and current list of special events adds to the overall resilience of every community and helps police and NJOHSP better protect the people of New Jersey.