Episode 34: New Jersey Suspicious Activity Reporting System (NJSARS)

Episode 34 - NJSARS Logo v2-01.png

Suspicious activity is any observed behavior that could indicate terrorism or terrorism-related crime. NJOHSP encourages law enforcement, first responders, and our private and public sector partners to report suspicious activity. Reporting suspicious behavior could potentially stop the next terrorist incident. Even if you think your observation is not important, it may be a piece of a larger puzzle. Case studies of terrorist attempts or successful attacks have shown that the attackers live within our communities and have prior contact with local law enforcement not only during the planning stages, but also during the execution phase or immediately after.

The New Jersey Suspicious Activity Reporting System (NJSARS) shares suspicious activity information to law enforcement partners throughout the State. NJSARS is also linked to the FBI’s national SAR system known as eGuardian, which partners with the Nationwide SAR Initiative (NSI) to form a single repository accessible to thousands of law enforcement personnel and analysts nationwide.

Join Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana and Collection and Dissemination Bureau Chief Maureen Lancaster as they explore what constitutes suspicious activity, the flow of information once a tip or lead is received, and different mechanisms that can be utilized when reporting suspicious activity in New Jersey.