Homeland Security Advisors Series: Part IV - School Safety with Director Perry Plummer (New Hampshire)

Homeland security advisors (HSAs) are the sole representative for the Governor to the US Department of Homeland Security. Although there is no one model for the HSA position, all HSAs are responsible for implementing the state’s homeland security mission, receiving classified threat information, and acting on behalf of the Governor in the event of a disaster or emergency. Despite the critical role HSAs play, little is known about the position. The Governors Homeland Security Advisors Council (GHSAC) is conducting a podcast mini-series through the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Intelligence. Unclassified. The first episode of the podcast will provide an overview of the role of the HSA, discuss how HSAs interact with their governors, and identify how states play a role in homeland security. The remaining six episodes of the podcast will focus on specific threats HSAs face in their jurisdictions. The goal of this podcast series is to provide more awareness about homeland security advisors and the state role in homeland security.

In the next episode of the Homeland Security Advisors Series, Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana asks Director Perry Plummer of New Hampshire to delve into the topic of school security. 





Director Plummer currently serves Governor Maggie Hassan as the Director of New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Perry participates regionally as the United States Co-Chair of the International Emergency Management Group (IEMG) and nationally as the Vice Chair of the National Governor’s Association Homeland Security Advisors Council.   

Prior to his appointment to this position he served as the Director of New Hampshire Fire Standards & Training and Emergency Medical Services. Director Plummer joined the New Hampshire Department of Safety after a 25 year career with the City of Dover Fire & Rescue where he spent the last 9 years as an award winning Fire Chief.  Perry has also provided public safety and management consulting services throughout New England and New York.