Homeland Security Advisors Series: Part I - Overview with Program Director Alisha Powell

Homeland security advisors (HSAs) are the sole representative for the Governor to the US Department of Homeland Security. Although there is no one model for the HSA position, all HSAs are responsible for implementing the state’s homeland security mission, receiving classified threat information, and acting on behalf of the Governor in the event of a disaster or emergency. Despite the critical role HSAs play, little is known about the position. The Governors Homeland Security Advisors Council (GHSAC) is conducting a podcast mini-series through the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Intelligence. Unclassified. The first episode of the podcast will provide an overview of the role of the HSA, discuss how HSAs interact with their governors, and identify how states play a role in homeland security. The remaining six episodes of the podcast will focus on specific threats HSAs face in their jurisdictions. The goal of this podcast series is to provide more awareness about homeland security advisors and the state role in homeland security.

Listen to the first episode in this seven-part series as National Governors Association (NGA) Program Director Alisha Powell discusses the role of the HSA and how each of them supports the missions of security and preparedness as they relate to their respective states.




Alisha Powell serves as program director for the NGA Center for Best Practices’ Homeland Security & Public Safety Division, where she focuses on emergency management, terrorism, energy assurance, fusion centers and public health preparedness.

Ms. Powell has served several roles in the Homeland Security and Public Safety Division, including program assistant, policy analyst and senior policy analyst. She has also served as a senior analyst for E3 Federal Solutions and peer teacher of Politics of the Middle East for Hofstra University.

Ms. Powell holds a master’s degree in global security studies from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Hofstra University. She originally hails from New York.