Episode 24: From JerseyNet to FirstNet - A Force Multiplier for Public Safety

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FirstNet (First Responder Network Authority) was created in 2012 to deploy the country’s first nationwide, broadband network dedicated to public safety – a network that will provide the capacity, coverage, priority, pre-emption and quality of service our first responders need when we call on them in disasters and emergencies. Recently, FirstNet announced an innovative public-private partnership with AT&T to leverage resources and private sector skills to deploy the FirstNet Network in all 50 states, five US territories and the District of Columbia. The effort is a significant investment in the communications infrastructure that public safety fought for and desperately needs for day-to-day operations, disaster response and recovery, and securing large events.

New Jersey successfully deployed its New Jersey Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) project. Dubbed as JerseyNet, the project is an “early builder” of the FirstNet network, ensuring that New Jersey public safety stakeholders have a secure, resilient, and sustainable broadband network that can deliver mobile mission-critical capabilities such as real-time video, sharing of crime information, and incident scene mapping. JerseyNet is the nation’s first deployable wireless communications network dedicated for use by public safety agencies. Created to address the challenges of providing public safety officials with uninterrupted service during emergencies, JerseyNet is part of a nationwide interoperable communications movement working to connect first responders across different agencies, regions, and technologies.

Join Director of Policy and Planning Eric Tysarczyk and Former Governor of Vermont Jim Douglas, a member of the FirstNet Board, as they explore the FirstNet network, what is it, how it impacts New Jersey, specifically our own proof of concept network, JerseyNet, and state plans for the next step in rolling out FirstNet’s high-speed network for the millions of public safety users in all 56 states and US territories.




Former Governor, Vermont

Governor James H. Douglas served as the 80th Governor of Vermont from 2003 to 2011. Before that he served in a number of positions in the state over three decades. He served as a member of the Vermont House of Representatives, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer. While Governor, he was the chair of the National Governors Association and was the president of the Council of State Governments. Governor Douglas also served as chair of the New England Governors' Conference and the Coalition of Northeastern Governors. In February 2010 President Obama appointed him to be co-chair of the Council of Governors. He is now an Executive in Residence at Middlebury College, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Governor Douglas serves on the boards of several local companies and is on the Governors Advisory Council of the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington. He is also the Town Moderator for Middlebury, a post he has held for 25 years.


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