Episode 35: Analyst Roundtable Series—9/11 Propaganda

With September 11 approaching, three NJOHSP intelligence analysts discuss what we might see from ISIS, al-Qa’ida, and al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula in the days leading up to the 15th anniversary. Angie Gad, Alyssa Potter, and Jenna Raymond provide an overview of messaging from ISIS and the al-Qa’ida network last year, and then discuss possible audio messages and written publications to coincide with the 15th anniversary. Additionally, they debate who could send messages, keeping in mind ISIS’s second-in-command and spokesman—Abu Muhammad al-Adnani—was allegedly recently killed, and Usama Bin Ladin’s son—Hamza Bin Ladin—issued audio messages in the last year and appears to be preparing for a leadership role within the al-Qa’ida network. They round up the conversation by discussing recent arrests of homegrown violent extremists and the likelihood of a plot on or around September 11.