New Jersey Conference of Mayors Winter Summit 2016

New Jersey Director of Homeland Security and Preparedness, Dr. Chris Rodriguez, was joined by NJ Director of Intelligence, Rosemary Martorana, to address the Mayors of New Jersey and update on recent terrorist attacks and the impact on municipalities – at the NJ Conference of Mayors Winter Summit.

Director Rodriguez began by framing the current threat environment, noting that the public is often the first line of defense. "Homeland security has now become hometown security," said Rodriguez. "I encourage all of you to go back to your communities and remind your constituencies of the importance of reporting suspicious activity. They can do that by calling 2-1-1 or by emailing"

Rosemary Martorana, NJ Intelligence Director, responded to questions and offered municipalities assistance from the NJOHSP Analysis Bureau. "We currently have 10 counterterrorism analysts assigned to each county. These analysts can provide sector or threat related briefings to your communities at an unclassified level," explained Martorana. "We also have terrorism analysis products available on our website. Hundreds of members of the public subscribe to our weekly Counterterrorism Bulletin, which provides the latest unclassified developments on our current threat landscape."

A shift towards issuing intelligence publicly could improve the American public’s understanding about the terrorism threat and lead to several tangible benefits. For example, well-informed citizens are more likely to play a role in detecting and reporting suspicious activity and potentially preventing the next attack.

The Directors were joined by the State Police Superintendent, Colonel Joseph Fuentes and staff.