Extremist Attacks Against Law Enforcement Webinar

Extremist Attacks Against Law Enforcement Webinar

In 2016, 12 ideologically motivated attacks resulted in nine police officer fatalities. Additionally, over half of these incidents were preplanned. Over the last several years, the range of extremist that consider law enforcement a target has expanded and includes individuals of varied ideologies. For this presentation, we will review the extremist threats that have targeted law enforcement and the tactics used.

Episode 11: ISIS Expands Weaponized Drone Program

An NJOHSP review of terrorist attacks and plots in the United States since 2015 reveals HVEs have primarily used simple weapons such as firearms, vehicles, and knives, although we cannot rule out the possibility HVEs will learn how to construct and weaponize UAVs based on future ISIS propaganda. In this episode, Analysis Bureau Chief Dean Baratta asks Intelligence Analyst Travis to delve further into his insights regarding weaponized drones being utilized by ISIS.

Governor Christie Announces $1 Million in Security Grants for Nonprofit Organizations and Religious Institutions in Nine Counties

Trenton, NJ - Fulfilling his commitment to protect all New Jersey residents from both foreign and domestic threats, Governor Chris Christie today made $1 million in grants available for non-profit organizations and religious institutions determined to be at high risk of terrorist attack in Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer, Salem, and Warren counties.

Foreign Fighter Trends: Part One - Deputy Director Brian Dodwell (Combating Terrorism Center at West Point)

The make-up, scale, and scope of the Iraq and Syria-bound foreign fighter problem has changed and become significantly more complex over the last decade. Deputy Director Brian Dodwell of the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point talks to one of our intelligence analysts about the research he and his team have done on the current foreign fighter threat.

Episode 8: The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point

The Combating Terrorism Center at West Point bridges the operational and academic realms by providing present and future leaders with the intellectual tools needed to defeat and deter terrorist threats to our nation.

Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Price visited the Intelligence. Unclassified. studio to talk to Rosemary Martorana about what CTC does and the groundbreaking projects and partnerships it has been spearheading. 

Clergy Community Outreach Program

NJOHSP Deputy Director Steven Gutkin participated on a panel to discuss threats to New Jersey, religious facilities, the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, and the Hometown Security Initiative at the Morris County Prosecutor's Clergy Community Outreach Program's Religious and Educational Facility Security meeting on Monday, February 7.

Governor Christie Announces Increased Patrol, Training and Outreach Efforts Following Recent Bias Incidents

Governor Christie Announces Increased Patrol, Training and Outreach Efforts Following Recent Bias Incidents

Governor Chris Christie today joined national and local officials, advocates and community leaders at the Kaplen JCC to show solidarity with New Jersey’s Jewish community following a recent increase in threats made against Jewish Community Centers throughout New Jersey and the country. Under the direction of Governor Christie, in coordination with Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino, the New Jersey State Police and the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) have increased patrol efforts at houses of worship, faith-based institutions, community centers and cemeteries throughout the state.

Episode 7: Anarchist Extremists - A National Perspective

Anarchists extremists believe that society should exist absent of “oppressive” governments, laws, police, or any other authority and they advocate violence in furtherance of sub movements such as anti-racism, anti-capitalism, anti-globalism, and environmental extremism. 

Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana and Intelligence Analyst Kristin McCormick sit down to explore what implications these recent events may have for the State of New Jersey. 

Episode 6: Foreign Fighters - America's Returning Jihadists

New Jersey faces a minimal threat from returning jihadists because of the comparatively small number of US citizens who traveled to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the likelihood individuals join other terrorist groups abroad.

This week, we explore the related trends our office has seen over the last few years and provide more insight into the current threat they pose. 

Episode 5: Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula - A Persistent Threat to the West

In November 2016, al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) cited the bombings in New Jersey as a model for future attacks in the United States, the first time the group has highlighted New Jersey in its English-language magazine Inspire.  AQAP uses Rahimi as an instructive case study on how to improve planning and execution in future terrorist operations. Join us as we explore recent developments in AQAP's tactics and their overall threat to the West. 

Episode 4: Sovereign Citizen Extremists - Circumventing State Law

Paper terrorism is a tactic sovereign citizen extremists use to intimidate public officials. Some seek relief from criminal charges, demand money, or protest government action. They flood courts, government offices, and law enforcement agencies with bulk fraudulent legal documents, file targeted liens to harass public officials, or submit fictitious paperwork to get unlawful judgments approved. In this episode, Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana and Preparedness Bureau Deputy Chief Allison Toll sit down to discuss how criminal penalties in New Jersey for filing false liens are unlikely to deter sovereign citizen extremists as they adopt new methods to circumvent laws.

Episode 3: ISIS Preparing for a Difficult 2017

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) suffered a steady stream of setbacks in 2016, to include territorial and leadership losses and a decrease in propaganda output. Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana and Intelligence Analyst Angie Gad sit down to address what these losses mean for the group and what 2017 could possibly look like for ISIS. 

Episode 2: Rise in Deadly Assaults Against Law Enforcement

In 2016, 12 extremist attacks resulted in nine officer fatalities, as compared to eight attacks that yielded no deaths in 2015. An NJOHSP review of extremist attacks against law enforcement officers nationwide reveals that in the last year, these incidents were more lethal and pre-planned than in the past.  Episode 2 kicks off our 2017 Terrorism Threat Assessment-related podcasts with Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana sitting down with Intelligence Analyst Paige Schilling to discuss the rise of deadly assaults against law enforcement this past year. 

Episode 1: Welcome to Season 2! - GRIZZLY STEPPE and Cybersecurity Efforts in New Jersey

Today, as we welcome you back to Season 2 of Intelligence. Unclassified., Rosemary Martorana is joined by NJ's Chief Technology Officer Dave Wienstein, NJOHSP's Director of Cybersecurity Steven Branigan, and NJCCIC Director Mike Geraghty who discuss what GRIZZLY STEPPE actually is and what efforts are being put forth in New Jersey to secure our digital footprint. 

NJOHSP Continues Statewide Season of Service

As part of the Christie Administration's sixth annual Season of Service, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security Director of Policy and Planning Eric Tysarczyk, Director of Administration Jared Maples, and staff visited Oasis in Paterson where they served community luncheon meals to impoverished women and children from the Greater-Paterson area. 

Episode 50: Intelligence. Unclassified. Season One Finale

Today we celebrate not only the 50th episode of Intelligence. Unclassified., but also the end of Season One. We hope you found value in the topics we covered this year, and enjoyed our speakers as they shared their insights and enthusiasm. To commemorate this occasion, our very own Director Chris Rodriguez joins Director of Intelligence and your Intelligence. Unclassified. host Rosemary Martorana in summarizing 2016 in homeland security and what the future holds for our office. 

Episode 49: JerseyNet for Dedicated First Responder Communications

JerseyNet is the nation’s first deployable wireless communications network dedicated for use by public safety agencies. Created to address the challenges of providing public safety officials with uninterrupted service during emergencies, JerseyNet is part of a nationwide interoperable communications movement working to connect first responders across different agencies, regions, and technologies. Join Principal Planner Alex Newman as he and Interoperable Communications Chief Steve Talpas discuss this innovative and valuable asset for New Jersey first responders.