Episode 6: Foreign Fighters - America's Returning Jihadists

New Jersey faces a minimal threat from returning jihadists because of the comparatively small number of US citizens who traveled to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and the likelihood individuals join other terrorist groups abroad.

This week, we explore the related trends our office has seen over the last few years and provide more insight into the current threat they pose. 

Episode 5: Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula - A Persistent Threat to the West

In November 2016, al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) cited the bombings in New Jersey as a model for future attacks in the United States, the first time the group has highlighted New Jersey in its English-language magazine Inspire.  AQAP uses Rahimi as an instructive case study on how to improve planning and execution in future terrorist operations. Join us as we explore recent developments in AQAP's tactics and their overall threat to the West. 

Episode 4: Sovereign Citizen Extremists - Circumventing State Law

Paper terrorism is a tactic sovereign citizen extremists use to intimidate public officials. Some seek relief from criminal charges, demand money, or protest government action. They flood courts, government offices, and law enforcement agencies with bulk fraudulent legal documents, file targeted liens to harass public officials, or submit fictitious paperwork to get unlawful judgments approved. In this episode, Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana and Preparedness Bureau Deputy Chief Allison Toll sit down to discuss how criminal penalties in New Jersey for filing false liens are unlikely to deter sovereign citizen extremists as they adopt new methods to circumvent laws.

Episode 3: ISIS Preparing for a Difficult 2017

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) suffered a steady stream of setbacks in 2016, to include territorial and leadership losses and a decrease in propaganda output. Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana and Intelligence Analyst Angie Gad sit down to address what these losses mean for the group and what 2017 could possibly look like for ISIS. 

Episode 2: Rise in Deadly Assaults Against Law Enforcement

In 2016, 12 extremist attacks resulted in nine officer fatalities, as compared to eight attacks that yielded no deaths in 2015. An NJOHSP review of extremist attacks against law enforcement officers nationwide reveals that in the last year, these incidents were more lethal and pre-planned than in the past.  Episode 2 kicks off our 2017 Terrorism Threat Assessment-related podcasts with Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana sitting down with Intelligence Analyst Paige Schilling to discuss the rise of deadly assaults against law enforcement this past year. 

Episode 1: Welcome to Season 2! - GRIZZLY STEPPE and Cybersecurity Efforts in New Jersey

Today, as we welcome you back to Season 2 of Intelligence. Unclassified., Rosemary Martorana is joined by NJ's Chief Technology Officer Dave Wienstein, NJOHSP's Director of Cybersecurity Steven Branigan, and NJCCIC Director Mike Geraghty who discuss what GRIZZLY STEPPE actually is and what efforts are being put forth in New Jersey to secure our digital footprint. 

NJOHSP Continues Statewide Season of Service

As part of the Christie Administration's sixth annual Season of Service, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security Director of Policy and Planning Eric Tysarczyk, Director of Administration Jared Maples, and staff visited Oasis in Paterson where they served community luncheon meals to impoverished women and children from the Greater-Paterson area. 

Episode 50: Intelligence. Unclassified. Season One Finale

Today we celebrate not only the 50th episode of Intelligence. Unclassified., but also the end of Season One. We hope you found value in the topics we covered this year, and enjoyed our speakers as they shared their insights and enthusiasm. To commemorate this occasion, our very own Director Chris Rodriguez joins Director of Intelligence and your Intelligence. Unclassified. host Rosemary Martorana in summarizing 2016 in homeland security and what the future holds for our office. 

Episode 49: JerseyNet for Dedicated First Responder Communications

JerseyNet is the nation’s first deployable wireless communications network dedicated for use by public safety agencies. Created to address the challenges of providing public safety officials with uninterrupted service during emergencies, JerseyNet is part of a nationwide interoperable communications movement working to connect first responders across different agencies, regions, and technologies. Join Principal Planner Alex Newman as he and Interoperable Communications Chief Steve Talpas discuss this innovative and valuable asset for New Jersey first responders.

2016 Holiday Threat Assessment Webinar

The holiday season is marked by numerous public events at retail establishments, religious facilities and throughout communities in the state. During this presentation we will discuss potential terrorist threats from now through Inauguration Day. We'll also discuss the challenges of securing venues with open public access and protective measures that can be taken by organizations and individuals during this time of year.

Episode 48: Fueling the Garden State - New Jersey's Petroleum Infrastructure

In the latest episode of Intelligence. Unclassified., we continue covering preparedness topics with Senior Planner Matt Kuczynski and State Critical Infrastructure Coordinator Dennis Sample, who explore the intricate and resilient pipeline infrastructure of New Jersey and what impact, if any, the Colonial Pipeline explosion has had on our state.

New Jersey Office of Homeland Security Director Continues Statewide Season of Service with Visit to Oasis in Paterson

PATERSON, NJ – As a part of the Christie Administration's sixth annual Season of Service, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security Director Chris Rodriguez and staff visited Oasis in Paterson where they served Thanksgiving meals and distributed turkeys to impoverished women and children from the Greater-Paterson area.

Episode 47: Dashing Through the Snow - Winter Weather Preparedness

Winter weather in New Jersey can encompass a wide range of hazards—from a moderate snow over a few hours, to a blizzard with blinding, wind-driven snow, to severe coastal or ice jam flooding. Additionally, many winter storms are accompanied by dangerously low temperatures, strong winds, icing, sleet, and freezing rain, all of which can harm vehicles, property, and people. In this episode, we bring together experts to help prepare our listeners for the approaching winter season. 

Episode 46: The NJOHSP Special Events Bulletin

NJOHSP compiles a statewide list of special events that is distributed to all law enforcement agencies to provide situational awareness and to assist in local planning requirements. Special events include any event that attracts large numbers of participants and spectators in both a public and/or private venue. Join Director of Intelligence Rosemary Martorana and Intelligence Analyst Craig Sante as they explore the importance of this dynamic listing and how New Jersey residents and officials can contribute to its utility.

Detail-blind hiring method has paid off for Office of Homeland Security in terms of diversity

For companies struggling to hire women and minorities, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness has a suggestion: stop reading names, genders, addresses and races of the applicants.

Episode 45: Ransomware - Holding Your Computer Hostage

Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that attempts to extort money from victims by restricting access to a computer system or files. The most prevalent form of this profit-motivated malware, referred to as crypto-ransomware due to the use of encryption algorithms, is on the rise as many new variants are being developed by hackers and international cybercrime groups. One of our cyber threat analysts joins us once again to explore the dangers of ransomware and how individuals and businesses can avoid being victims. 

Episode 44: Bots and Botnets - The Zombies Among Us

Since today is Halloween, this podcast is dedicated to the topic of zombies! A cyber threat intelligence analyst at the NJCCIC talks about zombie computer armies, also known as botnets, and how they might impact your daily digital life. She also discusses the DDoS attack that took down a large portion of the internet on Friday, October 21. For more information about this or any other cybersecurity topic, please visit www.cyber.nj.gov.

Homeland Security Advisors Series: Part VII - Cybersecurity with Director Mark Ghilarducci (California)

Homeland security advisors (HSAs) are the sole representative for the governor to the US Department of Homeland Security. Although there is no one model for the HSA position, all HSAs are responsible for implementing the state’s homeland security mission, receiving classified threat information, and act on behalf of the governor in the event of a disaster or emergency. In the final segment of the Homeland Security Advisors Series, Director Mark Ghilarducci of California reveals the keys to the state’s success in cybersecurity efforts.