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NJOHSP hosts and coordinates the Interfaith Advisory Council (IAC) which has 2,000+ active members across the state. The IAC, chaired by NJOHSP Director Jared Maples, meets on a quarterly basis and is comprised of Christian, Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish faith based leaders from throughout the State, along with government representatives at the Federal, State, and local level. The Council encourages frank dialogue and two-way communication between government and faith-based organizations, helping to strengthen the goodwill that is so critical to the law enforcement and homeland security enterprise. To supplement these key activities, NJOHSP provides security training, at no cost, and facilitates the availability of grant opportunities for non-profit organizations in these communities to improve facility security and develop their own training programs.


Interfaith Advisory Council

Nonprofit Security Grant Program

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Active Shooter Response

Infrastructure Resource Sheet

What to do During Bomb Threats

Bomb Threat Checklist


Additional Resources

Security Guidelines for Houses of Worship

These guidelines were developed to coordinate and enhance information sharing practices in an effort to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities for houses of worship in New Jersey.

Facility Self-Assessment Tool

This tool assists organizations with identifying security vulnerabilities. By answering a series of security related questions, users can quickly identify areas for improvement.

The Role of Security Coordinators

Security coordinators act as liaisons to local law enforcement and are trained to develop, coordinate, and oversee protective measures needed to keep houses of worship, schools, or community centers secure.

Outreach Materials

Terrorism awareness materials are available on request. You can download posters in multiple languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, English, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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Security Training

We offer customized security training and exercises to groups and organizations at no cost. Topics include terrorism awareness, active shooter response, and suspicious activity reporting.