Homeland Security starts with Hometown Security

The Hometown Security Initiative is a program designed to train and educate “Main Street” owner-operators of public gathering facilities like restaurants, night clubs, cafes, theaters, stores, and entertainment facilities. Using the “Connect-Prepare-Train-Report” model, this two and half hour forum is intended to inform the public on likely threat scenarios, global intelligence awareness, protective security for public gatherings, and suspicious activity reporting mechanisms. The program is being implemented statewide to increase community resilience, readiness, and overall security in municipalities across New Jersey.

Want to host a terrorism awareness seminar in your community?

Contact NJOHSP at preparedness@njohsp.gov.


To establish relationships:


To keep employees and customers safe:

Contact preparedness@njohsp.gov for more information on the above capabilities.


Your staff to deal with potential threats:

Contact training@njohsp.gov for more information about training courses at no cost.


If you SEE something, SAY something with these tools:

Visit njohsp.gov/report to learn more about suspicious activity and the 8 signs of terrorism.