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Counter Narcotics & Terrorism Operational Support (CONTOMS)

  • Dover, Morris County, NJ (map)

The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and the NJ EMS Task Force will be hosting the nationally recognized Counter Narcotics & Terrorism Operational Medical Support Program (CONTOMS). This 56 hour course is facilitated by  the US  Department of Health & Human Services and the National Park Police. The instructor cadre will include subject matter experts from all around the United States of America. This program will include didactic and hands on skills specifically for the tactical medical operator assigned to a SWAT team.

COST: None, but please preregister as seating is limited.

The CONTOMS Program was started in 1990 to meet the need for specialized medical training to support law enforcement special operations. EMT-Tactical (EMT-T), the cornerstone of the program, is a 1-week, 56-hour continuing education module for medical personnel supporting special response teams.

Law enforcement and the military services have long recognized that medical support of special operations can enhance the probability of mission success. This type of support requires a unique, additional expertise, which is complementary to the basic qualifications of pre-hospital health care providers. Community emergency medical services (EMS) systems in the United States and abroad were developed to respond to the needs of individual patients in controlled situations. However, in some locales, emergency medical technicians trained for the EMS role have been pressed into service to support counter terrorism, drug interdiction and other law enforcement activities without any additional training. These activities have become increasingly specialized in nature, characterized by prolonged operations, organized opposing forces, use of military-type weapons, and increasing death and injury among law enforcement officers, perpetrators, and innocent citizens.

The goal of the CONTOMS Program is to offer a nationally standardized curriculum, certification process, and quality improvement procedure to meet the needs of those EMTs, paramedics, and physicians who operate as part of a law enforcement team. Additionally, the Program tracks data to ensure that the educational efforts are evidence-based, so that it meets the dynamic needs of the law enforcement and EMS communities. Finally, the program faculty is available for consultation to Federal, State, and local agencies to help meet immediate requirements, solve urgent problems, or conduct needs assessments.

EMT-Tactical (EMT-T), the cornerstone of the program, is a 1-week, 56-hour continuing education module for providers who are already trained at the EMT-B level or higher. Candidates must be sponsored by a bona fide special response team. The training includes classroom work, practical skills laboratories, and a Field Training Exercise (FTX).

Topics covered include:

  • Medical Threat Assessment

  • Downed Officer Rescue

  • Care Under Fire

  • Special Equipment and Kits

  • Toxic Hazards

  • Medical Support of Specific Operations

Agency Sponsorship: All candidates must provide a signed letter of sponsorship on official agency letterhead from a bona fide law enforcement agency, public service agency, or military command. The content of the letter should attest to the candidate’s affiliation with the agency in the provision of medical support for a specialized team and the need for this training in the furtherance of that agency’s mission.

It is required that you bring and train with your own tactical gear. Items that will be needed for training include: ballistic helmet, eye protection, duty belt, gloves, body armor, and gas mask. While you may bring your own medical equipment for comparison and discussion, medical training supplies for the class will be provided.

Medical Certification: Current medical license certification (as an EMT-B, EMT-P, RN, MD, etc.) is required for participation in this class. Please bring your current medical license with you for verification during registration on the first day of the class.

Background Check: Please be aware that all participants will be required to provide personal information (e.g., full name, DOB, SSN) necessary for a criminal background check during registration on the first day of class. The collected information will be destroyed at the conclusion of the background checks. This requirement is necessary to ensure a safe training environment for all participants and to protect the integrity of the course.


If you have any questions regarding this training, please email Michael Urbanski at