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Managing Narcotics Informants: NCTC

The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness along with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office will be sponsoring a three-day training program titled “Managing Narcotics Informants.” The Northeast Counterdrug Training Center (NCTC), part of the National Guard Counterdrug Schools Program, will deliver the training.

COST: There is no cost to attend this seminar.

This course instructs new and experienced officers in the efficient, safe, and legal protocols for developing, managing, and deploying confidential informants in narcotics cases. Officers will be taught to identify and avoid potential “problem” informants and integrity issues. Developing and using a variety of informants ranging from a new arrestee to prison inmates. Officer safety, informant safety, and informant integrity will be priority
during the course.

This course is for all levels of law enforcement only.

Spaces are limited and preregistration is required. To register, please visit the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center’s website at  Click on “Registration” under “Training”, click on “Click Here To Register for Courses”, scroll to find the training that you would like to register for, click on the training, scroll & click desired location & date, click on that, click “Select”, then click “Register”. Log in or if you are a new user create an account and register using the course dates. If you have questions, please contact NCTC at (717) 861-6417.