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RIA- Intelligence Led Decision Making


The NJ Regional Intelligence Academy (RIA) will be sponsoring a one day training program titled: “Intelligence‐Led Decision Making.” The course is scheduled to be held in Middlesex County on Friday, September 30. (25 is the class maximum). There is no cost to participate.


In order to maximize the effectiveness of a leader’s decision, it is critical that certain processes be in place to ensure the most effective and efficient allocation of resources occurs and results from a systematic analysis of known and unknown factors related to the decision. These characteristics are fundamentally connected to the intelligence‐led approach to decision-making.

To implement effective crime strategies, senior leadership in any law enforcement organization must have a sufficient understanding of the operating environment in order to draw appropriate conclusions and create priorities for resources. Equally important is understanding how to communicate ideas and strategies to decision makers and how to operationalize ideas that stem from a decision. Intelligence‐led decision making is intrinsically woven within the strategic planning process, which will also be discussed in this program.


  • Identify four decision‐making models
  • List advantages and disadvantages to group decision making
  • Identify the three prongs of the 3i Model of ILP
  • List three things decision‐makers want before making a decision
  • Recognize the four styles of decision makers and how they can be influenced
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis and create a SMART objective for their organization
  • List the six principles of intelligence‐led planning


This program is designed for law enforcement and homeland security analysts.


For your convenience a registration link is provided and is the only method of registration for this workshop. Please hit the Done button at the bottom of the link page upon completion.

Pre‐registration is required no later than one week from the scheduled delivery date. Final confirmation e‐mails will be sent to the approved attendees prior to start dates. Identification is required for admission.


If you have any questions regarding these workshops please e-mail or call 609‐588‐2498.