Executive Seminar: Prevention of, Response to, and Recovery from Campus Emergencies: LSU (MGT-324)

  • Atlantic County NJ

The National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT) at Louisiana State University (LSU), a member of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC) will be presenting a 2-day, DHS approved "Executive Seminar: Prevention of, Response to, and Recovery from Campus Emergencies (MGT-324).

Cost: None, but spaces are limited and registration is required. 


This two-day course provides campus leaders; faculty governance; student governance; campus law enforcement and security departments; campus health, medical, and mental health services; campus public affairs; jurisdictional law enforcement and public safety agencies; and jurisdictional public information officers with an understanding and ability to navigate difficult aspects of dealing with campus emergencies—either natural events or human-caused events including acts of violence. Through tabletop scenarios, course participants will observe a developing incident and respond in a manner consistent with currently established campus and jurisdictional emergency operations procedures.

Target Audience:

Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Governmental Administrative, Law Enforcement, Health Care, Public Health, Public Safety Communications, Security and Safety.


For registration or questions, contact Barry  Kraus at bkraus@readyatlantic.org or call 609-513-6176