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WMD Radiological/Nuclear Responder Operations: CTOS (PER-240)

  • Middlesex County, NJ (map)

The Counter Terrorism Operational Support (CTOS), a member of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC), will be instructing the DHS approved training course titled, "WMD Radiological/Nuclear Responder Operations" (PER-240).

COST: None, but please preregister as seating is limited.


This instructor-led, exercise-based mobile training team delivered course trains emergency personnel to respond to radiological weapon of mass destruction incidents while mitigating the health risks to themselves and the public. The course combines individual performance skills required for the response to a radiological WMD incident, with the fundamentals of radiation, radiological health effects, and terrorist use of radiation and radiological material. Participants learn characteristics and operation of radiological instrumentation and dosimeters, radiological survey techniques, and operational considerations for the response to a radiological WMD incident.

The gained knowledge and skills are reinforced with detailed drills and exercises using radioactive material. The course advances from basic operation and techniques to tactical employment in realistic scenarios. The course concludes with a comprehensive final evaluation exercise that encompasses all the learned individual knowledge and skills required to respond to a WMD incident involving radioactive material.


Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Governmental Administrative, Healthcare, Hazardous Materials, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Citizen/Community Volunteer, and other personnel who may be assigned radiological detection operations.


For questions or registration, please email the point of contact John Dowd at or call 732-745-3100.