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Homemade Explosives: Awareness, Recognition, and Response: NMT (HME)

The Energetic Materials Research & Testing Center (EMRTC) at New Mexico Tech (NMT), a member of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium (NDPC), is instructing the 8 hour training course titled "Homemade Explosives: Awareness, Recognition, and Response" (HME).

Cost: None but seating is limited and registration is require


This course is designed for all levels of first responders who may respond to or encounter a homemade explosives incident. Participants will be able to recognize and identify commercial precursors used in homemade explosives, recognize the physical characteristics of commonly found homemade explosives, recognize homemade explosive processing equipment, and Improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, and their components, apply legal principles to determine probable cause and identify appropriate use of force options in suicide bombing incidents.

Target Audience

Education Administration, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Law Enforcement, Public Safety Communications.

Registration/ POC

For questions or registration, please email the point of contact Michael Urbanski at or call 609-588-2128.