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RIA- Understanding How Groups and Gangs Use the Internet and Social Media

The New Jersey Regional Intelligence Academy (RIA) will be sponsoring a one day training program titled: “Understanding How Gangs and Groups Use the Internet and Social Media.” The course is scheduled to be held in Morris County on Friday, October 21, 2016. (25 is the class maximum). There is no cost to participate.


This program seeks to immerse public safety personnel in the social media activity of criminal and terrorist groups. Course participants will be introduced to the essential components of how the Internet and social media work, where these components come into play with law enforcement investigations, and how data can be lawfully observed and utilized from open source analysis of suspected threats posted online.

Course participants will be introduced to the digital signatures they create and how this can tip off adversaries of ongoing law enforcement investigations. Through a series of case studies, instruction will: identify how both terrorists and gang members use the online environment for their operations; recognize patterns of online activity that may be indicative of threat groups or lone wolf extremists; and describe the distinctions between static websites, blogs and forums and the capabilities each provides to criminals and extremists.


This program is designed for first responders and private sector partners. 


For your convenience a registration link is provided and is the only method of registration for this training. Please hit the Done button at the bottom of the link page upon completion.

Pre‐registration is required no later than one week from the scheduled delivery date. Final confirmation e‐mails will be sent to the approved attendees prior to start dates. Identification is required for admission.


If you have any questions regarding these workshops please e-mail or call 609‐588‐2498.