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Isolation and Quarantine Training

*Rescheduled Delivery Date*

The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC) is delivering the DHS approved training course, "Isolation and Quarantine Training"


  • Morning session: 8am-12pm:

    • "Isolation and Quarantine for Rural Communities" (MGT 433)

    • A management-level, instructor-led course designed to provide small, rural, and remote communities with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively plan for and respond to events that require isolation and/or quarantine of their populations in a variety of low- and high-impact situations.

    • This course serves as a primer for additional courses on this issue in discipline-specific areas.

  • Afternoon session: 1pm-5pm:

    • "Rural Isolation and Quarantine for Public Health and Healthcare Professionals" (PER 308)

    • This course expands on concepts introduced in MGT 433, and consists of two customized training modules specifically tailored toward course participants in the public health and medical fields.

    • In this course, participants will become familiar with guidance that assists communities in planning for isolation and quarantine (I&Q), such as the National Response Plan and its implications in the healthcare community.

  • Successfully completing MGT 433: Isolation & Quarantine for Rural Communities is a prerequisite for attending PER 308.