At a Glance | July 10

At a Glance | July 10

Interfaith Issues/Ocean County: Anti-Jewish Slur Hung on Holocaust Memorial in Lakewood; North Korea: Chemical Weapons Pose an International Threat, in Addition to Missiles; NYPD Investigates Actions of the Shooter Before the Murder of Officer Familia

At a Glance | May 22

Driver Charged With Murder After Times Square Attack; Motivation Remains Under Investigation; Interfaith Issues: Video Released Showing Arson at Tampa Mosque in February; Bin Ladin’s Son Hamza Releases Another Video, Is Becoming Increasingly Prominent as Al-Qa’ida Spokesman

At a Glance | May 15

Al-Qa’ida: Usama Bin Ladin’s Son Calls for Suicide Attacks in the United States and Against Jewish Interests; Intelligence Community Assesses Homegrown Terrorists Are “Most Frequent and Unpredictable Threat;” School Security: Information Sharing Helps Avert Attack in North Carolina

At a Glance - February 21

“Blind Sheikh,” Mastermind of the First World Trade Center Attack, Dies in Federal Prison; White Supremacists: South Carolina Man Arrested for Allegedly Planning Attack “in the Spirit of Dylann Roof”; Friend of San Bernardino Shooter Pleads Guilty to Earlier Terror Plots and Weapons Charges