At A Glance | September 9

Two New York Men Charged With Doxing North Jersey Police Officers


Two New York men are accused of releasing the personal information of more than three dozen public employees from North Jersey, most of whom were police officers, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said on September 4. Evan Koulikov (pictured from left), 21, of Spring Valley, is charged with unlawful access and copying of a database, unlawful access of a network or database, doxing by posting law enforcement officers’ information on the Internet, stalking, and harassment. Eric Williams, 24, of New York City, is charged with doxing by posting law enforcement officers’ information on the Internet. The men were arrested on August 22 following an investigation by the prosecutor’s office that began in May. The Cyber Crimes Unit received details about a pattern of doxings and harassing calls that targeted public officials in northern New Jersey, prosecutors said. Investigators determined Koulikov hacked into a secure database of a New Jersey medical services company and obtained the personal information of 50 public employees—38 were doxed. Williams is accused of helping select the victims.

Gunman Kills Seven, Injures 25 in West Texas Shooting Spree

An Odessa, Texas, man fired from his job with an oil services company earlier in the day shot at random as he drove approximately 15 miles for more than an hour before being killed by law enforcement. Seth Ator, 36, killed seven people and injured 25 in the rampage on August 31. After Ator was fired, he called a national FBI tip line and made what Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs said were “rambling statements about some of the atrocities he felt he had gone through.” When he was pulled over about 15 minutes later, Ator shot at the trooper and fled. He fired at random as he drove between Midland and Odessa, even hijacking a mail van after killing the postal worker inside. Police eventually rammed into the van outside of a movie theater and fatally shot Ator in an exchange of gunfire. Officials said Ator, who was blocked in 2014 from purchasing a firearm due to a “mental health issue,” bought the AR-style rifle used in the shooting spree through a private sale.

Queens Man Charged With Planning Knife Attack on Behalf of ISIS

A Queens, New York, man is accused of plotting to conduct a stabbing attack on behalf of ISIS. Prosecutors charged Awais Chudhary, 19, on August 30 with attempting to provide material support to the terrorist group. Chudhary is suspected of communicating via text message with undercover law enforcement agents in August about his desire to conduct a knife or bomb attack, hoping to record it as inspiration for others. On August 23, he told one undercover agent that he planned to use a knife but would consider using an explosive device at the pedestrian bridges over the Grand Central Parkway if the agent taught him how to build them, according to prosecutors. They said Chudhary sent a different agent a screenshot of a document titled, “Islamic State,” with the subheadings, “Places to Strike,” “The Ideal Knife,” and “Knives to Avoid.” Chudhary is accused of making multiple trips to scout and take photos and videos of potential targets, including the Flushing Bay Promenade and World’s Fair Marina. Prosecutors said Chudhary bought a tactical knife, mask, gloves, and equipment to record the attack before being arrested on August 29 when he went to pick up the items from a retail location.

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