At A Glance | July 8

3 Men Admit Plot to Attack Muslim Community in Upstate New York


Three upstate New York men pleaded guilty on June 28 to terrorism charges related to a plot to bomb a Muslim community more than three hours away. Vincent Vetromile (pictured, from left), 20, was charged with first-degree attempted criminal possession of a weapon and will serve seven years in prison. Andrew Crysel, 19, and Brian Colaneri, 20, were each charged with conspiracy and face four to 12 years in prison. Additional federal charges will not be filed as part of their plea agreement, according to the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office. They were arrested along with a 16-year-old male in January after authorities learned of the plot to bomb the Muslim enclave of Islamberg in Delaware County, a community of about 200 people. Police had been investigating a comment the teen was accused of making about an individual looking like a school shooter. Authorities discovered that the four had 23 firearms at multiple locations around Rochester and three improvised explosive devices filled with black powder, BBs, and nails. Police said they discussed the plot through a chat app popular among hate groups. Charges are pending against the teen.

Texas Woman Pleads Guilty to Mailing Explosives to Public Officials

A woman from the Houston area admitted sending homemade bombs to public officials almost three years ago. Julia Ann Poff, 47, pleaded guilty on July 1 to transportation of explosives with the intent to kill, injure, and intimidate a person. In October 2016, Poff mailed then-President Barack Obama a booby-trapped package that contained an improvised explosive device. Authorities intercepted the package at a White House mail handling facility in Maryland. They discovered cat hair underneath an address label “microscopically consistent” with a pet cared for by Poff’s family, according to prosecutors. An old cell phone belonging to Poff’s daughter and micro-USB cable box purchased by Poff with a debit card were also located in the package. She sent similar packages to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and then-acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration Carolyn Colvin. Poff faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine when she is sentenced on November 18.

New York Man Who Referenced Mosque Attacks Sentenced for Lying to FBI About Firearm Possession

A Greece, New York, man was sentenced for falsely telling the FBI he did not have a firearm as it investigated comments he made online about the mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand. Thomas Alonzo Bolin, 22, received time served (three months) and three years of supervised release on July 2. His computer activity will be monitored during his release, and he must also surrender a 12-gauge shotgun and ammunition he lied about possessing. The FBI investigated Bolin, who went by the name “Peter Vincent” on Facebook, after messages he and others exchanged expressed support for the gunman accused in the mosque attacks and called for a similar attack in Baltimore. When questioned by authorities about whether he had firearms, Bolin denied possessing any guns in New York State. However, a search of the room he rented turned up the shotgun and several boxes of ammunition. Authorities also found a mask he was photographed wearing in a post while holding a shotgun.

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