At A Glance | June 3

Washington Man Pleads Guilty for Making Online Threats Toward Jewish Community, President


A Kent, Washington, man admitted threatening members of President Donald Trump’s family, media figures, and synagogues, federal prosecutors announced on May 29. Chase Colasurdo (pictured), 27, pleaded guilty to two counts of making interstate threats for the online posts that led to his arrest on May 1. The FBI responded to a tip in March about posts made on social media accounts belonging to Colasurdo, who threatened to execute members of Trump’s family. He also sent messages to media organizations regarding those threats, and he posted a photo that showed a hand pointing a firearm toward a picture of one of the president’s family members. Colasurdo claimed that his social media accounts had been hacked; however, additional posts were made threatening the Jewish community. One post stated that it was time to start “bombing synagogues,” according to prosecutors. Colasurdo also targeted members of the media in Southern California with emails and online posts that used anti-Semitic rhetoric and threats to kill. While Colasurdo was denied in his attempt to purchase a firearm, law enforcement discovered that he bought a holster, bulletproof vest, and ammunition. A search of his apartment also uncovered items related to Nazis and Adolf Hitler, ammunition, night vision goggles, and a gas mask. Colasurdo faces up to five years in prison followed by three years of supervised release.

Teen Accused of Threatening Shooting at Camden County School

Authorities arrested a 13-year-old girl on May 30 after they said she threatened a shooting at a high school in Camden County. The teen is accused of leaving a voicemail message at Winslow Township High School in Atco, stating she would come to the school and “shoot up the place,” according to a statement released by Winslow Township School District Superintendent H. Major Poteat. The high school and adjacent Winslow Township Middle School, where the suspect is a student, were locked down as a precautionary measure. Police did not discover any weapons during searches of the schools and were able to trace the call to the home of the teen, whose identity has not been revealed because she is a juvenile. She is charged with creating false public alarm and making terroristic threats.

Brooklyn Man Admits Leaving Threatening Voicemail for US Senator Critical of President

A Brooklyn, New York, man faces up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to threatening to assault and murder a US Senator. Michael Brogan, 51, admitted in federal court on May 24 that he left a voicemail message to an unidentified senator’s office in Washington, DC, as retaliation for criticizing President Donald Trump and due to her pro-choice stance regarding reproductive rights. In the call on December 4, Brogan warned the senator that he would “put a bullet” in her and further stated that he would target her in Washington, DC. “I got your [expletive] mark you stupid [expletive]. You and your constant lambasting of President Trump. Oh, reproductive rights, reproductive rights,” Brogan said in the voicemail, according to prosecutors. He ended the message by stating, “If I see you on the streets, I’m gonna [expletive] light you up with [expletive] bullets.” In a media interview following his arrest, Brogan said he made the call in “the heat of the moment” after the senator made critical remarks toward Trump and anti-abortion protesters.

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