At A Glance | April 8

Former Bronx Resident Accused of Plotting to Attack US, Join ISIS Arrested in Montana


Authorities arrested a former Bronx, New York, resident after they said he discussed joining ISIS and plotting an attack in the United States. Fabjan Alameti (pictured), 21, was taken into custody at a gun range in Montana on April 3 and was charged with possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance and making false statements involving international and domestic terrorism. Alameti communicated with an FBI informant beginning in January about fighting for ISIS and conducting an attack in the United States against a military facility, recruitment center, government building, gay club, or Jewish temple, authorities said. He told the informant that he moved to Bozeman, Montana, last month in part because it would be easier to purchase a gun. Alameti also asked for a link to video of the mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15 to serve as motivation, stating, “I will attack random people to avenge the blood,” according to authorities. After being kicked out of a hotel and hospitalized on March 25 for marijuana and alcohol use, Alameti denied to officers that he discussed attacking the United States and wanting to join ISIS. He is accused of telling the informant on April 2 that he wanted to shoot up the hotel and planned on going to the gun range the next day.

Bronx Man Gets 20 Years for Attempting to Join ISIS, Facilitating Another Man’s Travel

A 32-year-old from Bronx, New York, who helped another man travel overseas to join ISIS and attempted his own trip to Syria for the same purpose received a 20-year prison sentence on April 2. Adam Raishani, also known as Saddam Mohamed Raishani, pleaded guilty to attempting to provide and conspiring to provide material support to ISIS on November 14. Raishani accompanied a fellow ISIS supporter to John F. Kennedy International Airport in October 2015 when that individual flew to Turkey before successfully crossing into Syria to join the terrorist group. The men communicated over the next several months through an encrypted email application. In an effort to begin planning his own trip overseas, Raishani met with an informant and undercover FBI agent between January and June 2017. In addition to declaring his intentions to join ISIS and admitting he helped the other individual, Raishani viewed violent propaganda videos from the terrorist group and expressed a desire to wage jihad. In June 2017, he made plans to fly to Turkey and meet with a member of ISIS who would help him join the group in Syria. Authorities arrested Raishani on June 21, 2017, as he attempted to board a flight at JFK Airport. Raishani faces 20 years of supervised release after prison.

Two More Individuals Sentenced in Hate Crime at Maryland High School

The final two individuals who vandalized a Maryland high school with hate-filled graffiti were sentenced on April 4. Tyler Curtiss, 18, will spend 16 weekends in jail, and Matthew Lipp, 19, received eight weekends. Along with 19-year-olds Seth Taylor and Joshua Shaffer, they spray-painted anti-Semitic, racist, and other derogatory symbols and phrases at Glenelg High School on May 23. Surveillance video showed all four at the school the night of the incident. Lipp and Curtiss must also complete 250 hours of community service, serve three years of supervised probation, and submit to drug and alcohol testing.

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