School Security

Swatting Incidents on the Rise in New Jersey

NJOHSP defines swatting as the act of falsely reporting an ongoing emergency or threat of violence in order to prompt an immediate, tactical law enforcement response. Communities throughout New Jersey have been impacted by the recent rise of swatting, with over 200 cases occurring in 2015. Swatting involves a perpetrator making false claims of an emergency, often resulting in emergency responders arriving on site and disrupting normal activity.

School Security: Lessons from a Kenyan University Attack

During the 15-hour attack on Garissa University in Kenya by the Somali militant group al-Shabaab, inadequate communication was demonstrated at all levels. On April 2, four al-Shabaab gunmen attacked the university, taking more than 700 students hostage, killing at least 148 people, and wounding another 79. Poor execution of emergency response planning led to this event being the third deadliest terrorist attack in the world since 2010.