Ransomware: Lessons Learned From Attack on Texas Police

Ransomware: Lessons Learned From Attack on Texas Police

The ransomware infection of Cockrell Hill Police Department’s (CHPD) servers in Texas on December 12, 2016 revealed cyber vulnerabilities that can be mitigated. The hacker behind the attack demanded $4,000 in bitcoins to decrypt CHPD’s files. After consulting with the FBI Cyber Crime Unit, CHPD decided not to pay the ransom and wiped its server to remove the virus. The wipe caused the loss of some body camera, dash camera, and surveillance videos, as well as photos that were not properly backed up.

Swatting Incidents on the Rise in New Jersey

NJOHSP defines swatting as the act of falsely reporting an ongoing emergency or threat of violence in order to prompt an immediate, tactical law enforcement response. Communities throughout New Jersey have been impacted by the recent rise of swatting, with over 200 cases occurring in 2015. Swatting involves a perpetrator making false claims of an emergency, often resulting in emergency responders arriving on site and disrupting normal activity.

Introducing Resiliency

Anticipating threats, adapting to changing conditions, and recovering from adversity are the tenets of the resiliency mission undertaken by NJOHSP.  Through this mission area, NJOHSP aims to empower our partners and help build a State that is prepared, well informed, and ready to react to whatever threat it faces – whether a natural disaster or a human-induced event. 

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVs)

State lawmakers in New Jersey advanced a package of bills on December 14 to restrict the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or drones, in reaction to incidents receiving national attention, including around Newark International Airport. This first round of legislation focuses on restricting drone flights over critical infrastructure, notifying customers of Federal Aviation Administration regulations, and implementing "geo-fencing" technology that prevents UAS from flying over certain areas and criminalizes violations.