Support to Religious Facilities in Face of Threats

NJOHSP continues to offer resources to religious facilities in New Jersey, especially following recent bomb scares against Jewish centers across the United States and Canada. Since January, approximately 60 Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) and day schools in 30 states have received roughly 100 bomb threats. The FBI is coordinating all investigative activity with state and local law enforcement partners.

  • From January 1 to February 27, 19 incidents at religious facilities throughout New Jersey were reported to the Suspicious Activity Reporting System (NJSARs). Eight were bomb threats targeting six JCCs; no explosive devices were found in any of the centers.

  • To assist religious facilities, NJOHSP shares information and resources through mechanisms such as the Interfaith Advisory Council. The Council brings together faith-based leaders and government representatives at the federal, state, and local levels. NJOHSP also provides free security training and facilitates non-profit grant opportunities to improve facility security and develop training programs.

  • As a result of the threats, law enforcement agencies are conducting outreach and increased security patrols at religious facilities throughout the State. Religious facilities are encouraged to review security procedures and notify local law enforcement when a bomb threat occurs


NJOHSP Resources for Religious Facilities

To increase awareness, enhance security, and mitigate potential threats, NJOHSP provides facility assessments, training, exercise and planning support to religious facilities. More information is available at

For additional information, please contact NJOHSP’s Preparedness Bureau at