America's PrepareAthon! National Day of Action

On Saturday, April 30, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will hold its biannual PrepareAthon! National Day of Action. This event is a daylong national campaign, calling for individuals to increase their preparedness and resiliency efforts in anticipation of hazards most likely to occur in their community. Enhanced awareness of local hazards, community plans and mitigation measures and knowledge of protective actions can all strengthen a community’s resiliency. Event participants will be able to discuss and practice lessons learned from drills and exercises.

Last year, FEMA's PrepareAthon! National Day of Action has engaged more than 27 million participants. President Obama has even recognized this event as an opportunity for all of America to come together to safeguard the nation.

To participate in PrepareAthon! National Day of Action, register at Also, follow @NJOHSP and @ReadyNJ on Twitter to join the dialogue about what could occur in your community and learn some simple steps you can take to prepare.

For more information, please contact NJOHSP's Preparedness Bureau at