Khorasan Group: Low Threat to the United States

Senior leadership losses, the limited recruitment of Western operatives, and increased involvement in the Syrian Civil War has diminished the Khorasan Group's ability to attack the United States. Since late 2014, the Khorasan Group—a network of senior al-Qa’ida extremists in Syria dedicated to planning operations against the United States—has not carried out any plots or attacks.

  • Since late 2014, the Khorasan Group has lost at least seven senior members to US-led coalition airstrikes, including Sanafi al-Nasr, the primary liaison between the al-Qa’ida -aligned Nusrah Front and a close associate of  al-Qa’ida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. The US-led coalition has also destroyed at least eight of the Khorasan Group's training camps and command and control facilities during the same timeframe.
  • The Khorasan Group has no presence on English-language social media, is not recruiting US citizens, and there have been no known cases of Americans traveling to Syria to join the group.
  • According to a US-based think tank, Khorasan Group members hold senior leadership positions in the Nusrah Front. In addition to day-to-day operational responsibilities for the Nusrah Front, Khorasan members have primarily focused on survival since 2015, reducing their capability to plan and conduct external operations.

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