Implications of Conflict in Israel and the Palestinian Terroritories

Recent widespread violence between Israelis and Palestinians is unlikely to spur criminal activity in New Jersey, based on a NJOHSP review of previous periods of conflict. Instead, in recent years, Israeli-Palestinian tensions have yielded some peaceful demonstrations and rallies in New Jersey, which fall within constitutionally protected practices.           

  • In recent weeks, at least 56 people have been killed during the violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories, prompting Israel to consider stricter security measures and activate 300 combat troops to assist police in Jerusalem. In the past, similar actions have mobilized supporters on both sides to conduct demonstrations globally.
  • During the conflict in the Gaza Strip in 2014, university student organizations and other activists organized demonstrations in New Jersey, including peaceful rallies in Princeton (Mercer County) and Whippany (Morris County); about 600 people attended each event and no violence was reported. 
  • The same conflict in 2014 brought out protesters in New York City and Washington DC, most of whom centered their messages on the humanitarian issues associated with war, which were heavily reported on social media. Some violence was reported at similar rallies in Boston and Los Angeles during the conflict. Notably, moreover, the first and second Palestinian intifadas—or uprisings—against Israel in 1987 and 2000 did not inspire large-scale protests or violence in the US.

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