ISIS Releases New Propaganda in Wake of Paris Attacks

Since the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday, ISIS has released three videos and the 12th edition of its English language magazine, Dabiq, vowing follow-on operations in the United States. The FBI reports no intelligence to suggest the group is planning a Paris-type attack in the US, and ISIS has previously used propaganda campaigns to generate momentum and encourage supporters to conduct attacks in the West. 

  • On Wednesday, ISIS released a video threatening to strike in New York City’s Times Square. The video compiled images from previous ISIS videos—specifically an unidentified man building and wearing a suicide belt—while adding images of Times Square. Officials from New York City have deployed additional personnel to the area. Another video, released today, threatened the White House.
  • On Monday, ISIS also released a video vowing to conduct Paris-style attacks in countries participating in airstrikes in Syria, naming Washington DC and Rome.
  • On Wednesday, ISIS released the 12th issue of Dabiq entitled “Just Terror.” The group published a picture of the alleged improvised explosive device that brought down a Russian plane over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, killing 224 on October 31

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