ISIS: Escalating Threats Against US Military Personnel

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Friday posted a message online calling for attacks against about 100 US military personnel across 23 states, according to preliminary translations and analysis of the message. Although no personnel from New Jersey were cited, residents of nearby states such as Connecticut, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania were identified. The website that posted the message was the same one that earlier this year explicitly mentioned New Jersey as an appealing ISIS target.

  • According to US media reporting, the so-called “Islamic State Hacking Division” posted the names, addresses, and photographs of recommended targets, all of which ISIS assessed to be involved in ongoing US counterterrorism efforts. The information appeared to be drawn from publicly available Internet content, including from social networking sites. The US military is contacting all individuals on the list. 
  • The website that posted the message——in January also wrote, “…The lone wolf…gets out to New Jersey…and takes out the lives of the enemy’s soldiers and commanders on their streets and public squares…Those wolves…should kill police officers and soldiers in the streets and public squares of New Jersey...”
  • Since the beginning of the US-led campaign against ISIS in September, the group has encouraged followers in the West to launch operations, yielding attacks against military and law enforcement personnel in North America, Europe, and Australia.

ISIS’s message comes on the heels of increased suspicious activity this year around New Jersey’s military bases. We encourage military personnel to be on heightened alert and to exercise caution when posting information on the Internet, which terrorist groups can exploit.

  • In January, NJOHSP and the Regional Operations Intelligence Center cited six instances just that month of individuals soliciting information on security practices at, and taking photographs of, some of New Jersey’s bases.
  • Any suspicious or terrorist activity in New Jersey should be reported by calling (866) 4SAFENJ (866-472-3365) or 2-1-1, or by emailing

For more information, please contact NJOHSP's Analysis Bureau at or 609-584-4000.