Terrorist Groups Doxing US Residents

Extremist organizations are mining for and releasing personally identifiable information about some US citizens on the Internet—a tactic known as “doxing”—to incite violent action. Since March, a pro-Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) media group and an unidentified right-wing domestic group have been involved in three separate doxing incidents, primarily targeting US Government personnel.

  • In mid-April, the same unidentified right-wing group posted the home addresses of approximately 50 current and former senior government personnel, including officials from the FBI, DHS, and CIA. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the list was uploaded on QuickLeak, a website used for posting anonymous messages, and referred to the individuals as “traitors” who will “pay for their treason.”
  • According to the Site Intel Group, Rabitat al-Ansar, a pro-ISIS media group, in early April released the names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers of 400 individuals, including four New Jersey residents. At the same time, Rabitat al-Ansar began broadcasting the Twitter hashtag, #WeWillBurnUSAgain, vowing terrorist attacks in the United States.
  • In late March, the so-called “Islamic State Hacking Division” posted the names, photographs, and addresses of approximately 100 US military service members from 23 states. The group urged followers to “kill them in their own lands” in retaliation for US operations against ISIS.

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