Conspiracy Theory Likely Leads to Extremist Violence

White supremacist extremists will likely cite “white genocide” as justification for violence against certain religious communities being the only option to save the white race. Since 2018, there have been no New Jersey-based white supremacist extremist attacks; however, groups and individuals within the State continue to promote the conspiracy in person and online.

  • On April 27, John Earnest attacked a synagogue in Poway, California, resulting in one death and three injuries. Prior to the shooting, Earnest stated online that Jewish people are responsible for the planned genocide of the European race, that he is willing to “sacrifice [his] future…for the sake of [white] people,” and that he “would die a thousand times over to prevent the doomed fate that the Jews have planned for the [white] race.”

  • On March 15, Brenton Tarrant attacked two mosques in New Zealand, resulting in 51 deaths and 49 injuries. Throughout his manifesto, Tarrant referenced his beliefs that mass immigration from non-European countries and cultural assimilation will result in the racial and cultural replacement of European people. Additionally, Tarrant stated he carried out the attacks against the mosques because he viewed them as a “large group of invaders…that seek to occupy [white] peoples land and ethnically replace [white] people.”

  • On October 27, Robert Bowers shot and killed 11 people and injured six others at a synagogue in Pittsburgh after allegedly yelling, “all Jews must die.” Hours prior to the shooting, Bowers posted online that a Jewish organization “likes to bring invaders in that kill [white] people” and that he “can’t sit by and watch [white] people get slaughtered.”


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