At a Glance | April 9

Three Injured, Suspected Gunman Killed in Shooting at YouTube Headquarters in California

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A 39-year-old woman who reportedly held a grudge against YouTube is suspected of wounding three people and killing herself in a shooting at the company’s headquarters in San Bruno, California, on April 3. Nasim Najafi Aghdam (right) walked through a parking garage at the facility to an outdoor courtyard, where she opened fire before fatally shooting herself. She is not believed to have specifically targeted the victims. The day before, family members reported Aghdam missing following a dispute in their hometown of San Diego. Police found Aghdam sleeping in her car the morning of the shooting, but they said she did not mention YouTube or wanting to harm anyone. She visited a shooting range hours before the attack and used a legally purchased semi-automatic handgun, according to police. Authorities are investigating a website where Aghdam complained of a lack of revenue and accused YouTube of restricting videos on her channels, which hosted content related to animal rights, veganism, fashion, and exercise. 

11-Year-Old Suspected in Neptune Walmart Bomb Threat Inspired by Video Showing Similar Incident

An 11-year-old boy accused of calling in a bomb threat to a retail store viewed a video depicting a similar incident online, according to the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. The boy stated there was a bomb and people should leave when he called the Walmart in Neptune (Monmouth County) on March 25. The threat prompted an evacuation of the store and the use of bomb-sniffing dogs at the location. Police also blocked entrances to the shopping center for several hours. The incident turned out to be a hoax. The suspect informed investigators he got the idea for the false bomb threat after watching a video on YouTube that portrayed a similar incident. “Prank phone calls about bombs threats or guns are not a laughing matter. Resources are being deployed at a cost to taxpayers. Parents have a responsibility to monitor what their children do on the Internet where these ideas can be cultivated,” Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said in a statement. The suspect was not identified due to his age, and the case will go through the juvenile court system.

Report Finds Similar Themes in Backgrounds of Individuals Who Committed Mass Attacks in 2017

Individuals who committed mass attacks throughout the United States in 2017 exhibited similar themes in their backgrounds, according to a report released on March 29 by the US Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center. The study, which found commonalities in warning signs among attackers, examined 28 incidents carried out in public places around the country and where three or more people were killed or wounded. Males ranging in age from 15 to 66 years old committed all of the attacks, which occurred in the forms of workplace violence, domestic violence, school-based violence, and terrorism. Nearly half of the attackers were motivated by personal grievances (46 percent), and more than half had histories with criminal charges (71 percent), mental health symptoms (64 percent), and/or substance abuse (54 percent). All of the individuals experienced at least one significant stressor in the five years prior to their attacks, with financial instability present in 57 percent of the attacks. More than three-quarters of the attackers engaged in threatening or concerning communications or exhibited behavior that elicited concern in others.

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