At a Glance | April 2

Man Accused of Carrying Stolen NYPD Body Armor, Loaded Handgun Arrested in Chicago


Officers in Chicago arrested a man from northern California believed to be in possession of equipment stolen from the New York Police Department (NYPD). Prosecutors claimed Isaiah Malailua (right) wore body armor and had a bag containing SWAT gear belonging to the NYPD when police found him at a ticket counter on March 23. He was also carrying a loaded handgun. NYPD officers said a thief swiped a bag with the items belonging to the Strategic Response Group—New York City’s version of SWAT—the previous day after busting the window of a parked squad car with a brick in Manhattan. Investigators have not stated if Malailua, 21, is a suspect in that theft. Police dogs tipped off authorities in Chicago when they detected explosive residue on the unattended duffel bag. Malailua was charged with unlawful use of a weapon for wearing the bulletproof vest and is being held on $100,000 bond. New York City police plan to extradite Malaliua on grand larceny charges. He also faces charges of trespassing and entering a public park after hours in the Miami area.  

Seattle Man Admits He Committed Armed Robbery After Terror-Inspired Killing of Livingston Native

A Seattle man who fatally shot a Livingston (Essex County) native in June 2014 admitted he committed an armed robbery just a few days later. Ali Muhammad Brown, 33, pleaded guilty on March 23 to first-degree robbery and second-degree unlawful possession of a handgun for the incident in Point Pleasant Beach (Ocean County) on June 29, 2014. Brown displayed a handgun while approaching Harold Fournier outside a coffee shop and demanded he go with him. Fournier ran into the coffee shop seeking help instead. Brown followed and took Fournier’s keys and wallet, but he was unable to drive the manual-transmission vehicle. Brown fled to Essex County, where he committed another armed robbery that resulted in a 36-year prison sentence he is currently serving. Sentencing is scheduled for May 11 in the Point Pleasant Beach incident, and the State seeks a life term without parole. Brown also faces life in prison without parole for charges including terrorism and murder in a shooting in West Orange (Essex County) on June 25, 2014, that killed Brendan Tevlin. Brown, who is also accused of killing three men in Seattle, justified the slayings as revenge for US policy in the Middle East.

Utah Teen Charged With Planting Backpack Bomb at High School

A southern Utah teenager accused of planting a bomb in his school and trying to detonate it was charged with first-degree felony counts of use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted murder on March 26. Court documents claimed the 16-year-old brought a homemade explosive device in his backpack to Pine View High School on March 5, placed it near a vending machine, and lit the fuse. Students who noticed smoke coming out of a backpack alerted a school resource officer, and the school was evacuated. Police said the teen indicated he would have been fine with some of his classmates being killed, and that he may have tried to contact ISIS if he successfully detonated the explosive. The teen was also charged with graffiti and abuse of a flag for an incident at a nearby high school on February 15. An ISIS flag was found hanging in place of an American flag that had been cut up, and spray paint saying “ISIS is comi [sic]” appeared on a wall. A judge believed “it’s unsafe to release him at this time” in ruling on March 28 that the teen would remain in a juvenile detention facility.

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