At a Glance | June 11

California Man Planning to Attack Tourist Attraction Admits Attempting to Support ISIS


A Modesto, California, man who plotted to attack a popular tourist attraction during the holiday season pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to ISIS, prosecutors announced on June 4. Everitt Aaron Jameson, 26, discussed plans with an FBI informant and undercover agents to use explosives in an attack targeting Pier 39 in San Francisco on Christmas Day in 2017. The FBI began investigating in September when the informant reported pro-ISIS and pro-terrorism posts on Jameson’s social media accounts. Jameson talked about his desire to support ISIS with the informant, and he noted to one of the undercover agents that his military experience prepared him for war and combat. In a meeting with the other agent he believed worked for ISIS’s senior leadership, Jameson said he chose Pier 39 due to the large crowds and that explosives would funnel people out so he could shoot those trying to escape. He also offered financial support to ISIS. Authorities arrested Jameson on December 22. Under terms of a plea deal, he will receive 15 years in federal prison and a lifetime of supervised release when he is sentenced on September 4.

Man Who Plotted to Detonate Bomb in Support of ISIS at Miami Mall Sentenced to 17.5 Years in Prison

A Honduran citizen residing in Miami received a sentence of 17.5 years followed by a lifetime of supervised release on June 1 for planning to detonate an explosive device at a shopping mall, federal prosecutors said. Vicente Adolfo Solano, 53, caught the attention of the FBI when he talked to an informant about being angry with the United States and having a desire to attack a crowded area at the Dolphin Mall in Sweetwater, Florida. Solano expressed that he wanted to join ISIS and produced three propaganda videos with statements favoring the terrorist group to prove his dedication. Two undercover agents and the informant met with Solano on several occasions to discuss his plans for conducting the attack. The agents provided Solano with a fake bomb, and he was arrested on October 20 as he attempted to arm the inert device while approaching the entrance of the mall. The judge imposed a sentence less than the maximum of 20 years because Solano, whose temporary protected status in the United States had been removed, is currently in removal proceedings and will return to Honduras following his prison term. Solano pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to ISIS on March 14.

30 Active Homemade Pipe Bombs Discovered in Wooded Area in North Carolina

A surveyor working in a wooded area near Roxboro, North Carolina, on June 4 found 30 suspicious devices later determined to be homemade pipe bombs, the Person County Sheriff’s Office said. Authorities called in the help of the bomb squad from a nearby county to assist in searching the area over three days. Dewey Jones noted that while the devices were not in a state of being ready to fire, “they could have been armed very quickly.” All of the pipe bombs discovered at the scene were destroyed. The FBI is investigating a person of interest, but that individual has not been arrested. The sheriff’s office noted that it does not believe this was an act of terrorism. Jones characterized the individual under investigation by the FBI as a “preparing for doomsday type of person.” Authorities are not aware of who owns the land where the pipe bombs were found. Several residents forced to evacuate the area have since been allowed to return to their homes.

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