AQAP: New Inspire Calls for Targeted Assassinations

On Saturday, al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released the 15th edition of its English-language magazine Inspire, focusing on the “professional assassination” of government and business leaders in the United States and lone offender attacks. There are no references to New Jersey or New Jersey-based individuals or businesses. The magazine does mention high-profile figures such as US President Obama and CIA Director Brennan, as well as US businessmen Bill Gates and David Koch.

  • Inspire 15 focuses on home assassinations, rather than encouraging workplace attacks as it has done previously, specifically calling on jihadists to damage the American economy by killing business leaders and entrepreneurs in their homes, which are perceived to have less security than places of business. A particular focus is the theme of “lone jihad” using parcel bombs, magnetic car bombs, and door-trap bombs.
  • A photo collage depicts Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and businessman David Koch with a pistol and spattered blood. Gates and Koch were mentioned in previous editions of Inspire. The collage notes upcoming US holidays, including Memorial Day (May 30) and Independence Day (July 4) with the word “cofirmed [sic],” followed by redacted lines, and the statement, “*please burn after reading.”
  • The magazine also urges followers to emulate the Palestinian street-killing of Jews by stabbing Americans in public, a tactic used in Israel over the last few months.

This release comes a month after a Twitter user posted a 52-page Arabic-language booklet titled “Creative Innovations to Target Americans” and a week after several audio messages by al-Qa’ida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri and Hamza Bin Ladin—son of Usama Bin Ladin—encouraging attacks on the West.