Anarchist Extremists to Mobilize in DC on July 6

On July 6, counter-protest groups, including anarchist extremists, plan to mobilize against a “Demand Free Speech” rally the Proud Boys and several alt-right personalities are attending in Washington, DC. At this time, there are no overt calls for violence from either side; however, physical altercations have occurred at similar events in the past.

  • On June 29, anarchist extremists and Proud Boys members clashed at a rally in Portland, Oregon, forcing law enforcement to declare a civil disturbance and use riot control methods to disperse the crowds. Additionally, anarchist extremists punched a conservative blogger videotaping the event, resulting in a head injury.

  • In January, the New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA), a white supremacist organization, planned to march in Princeton (Mercer County). Following its announcement, counter-protest groups, including local anarchist extremists, quickly mobilized to oppose the rally, forcing the NJEHA to cancel the event.

  • In November 2018, several hundred people, including anti-fascist anarchist extremists, mobilized at a rally in Philadelphia they perceived as a white supremacist event. Following the rally, anarchist extremists pepper-sprayed, punched, and kicked non-affiliated US Marine Corps reservists because they believed the men were members of the Proud Boys.


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