Al-Qa’ida Supporters Target Women With Female-Focused Propaganda

Al-Qa’ida supporters are producing and disseminating propaganda targeting women amid losses to al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leadership. Ongoing US- and coalition-directed drone strikes in 2017-2018 have considerably diminished propaganda efforts, leading to an overall decline in distribution by approximately 50 percent. While AQAP continues to sporadically release statements, its main English-language publication, Inspire Magazine, has not been published in over a year. However, there is a push to appeal to Arabic-speaking women in order to stay relevant. 

  • Since December, al-Qa’ida supporters published eight issues of a women’s magazine entitled Beituki (Arabic for “Your Home”). The magazine, disseminated in Arabic via Telegram, discusses a variety of topics, including marriage, domestic affairs, schooling and child rearing, recipes, and concentrating on home and family matters.

  • Al-Qa’ida first attempted to reach a female audience in 2004 with an online magazine, Al Khansa’a, and again in March 2011 with a 30-page issue of a women’s magazine entitled Al-Shamikha (Arabic for “Majestic Woman”), which published once. The magazines offered home and beauty tips alongside testimonials from the wives of suicide bombers and female jihadists.

  • In August 2017, Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP) published Sunnat-e-Khola, propaganda aimed at female audiences. TTP only published two issues of the magazine that focused on women as an important part of jihad from radicalization to execution of attacks.

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