At a Glance | March 19

Florida Teen Suspected in Triple Stabbing Investigated by FBI Over Possible Interest in ISIS; Two Killed, Four Injured Following Explosions in Texas Capital; Report Finds White Supremacist Groups Increasingly Using Public Banners to Spread Messages



The terror threat from ISIS to New Jersey is moderate due to the group’s ability to inspire individuals to conduct attacks in the State and surrounding region on behalf of the organization. Since 2015, there have been nine ISIS-inspired attacks by homegrown violent extremists in the tri-state area.

At a Glance | March 12

Alabama Man Pleads Guilty to Obtaining Bomb-Making Materials for Plot on ISIS’s Behalf; Threats of School Violence Remain a Concern Across New Jersey; Teen Accused of Bringing Homemade Bomb to Utah High School Said to be Inspired by ISIS


At a Glance | March 5

Trial Begins for Seattle Man Charged With Terrorism in Fatal Shooting of Livingston Native; TSA Testing Suicide Vest Detectors at Penn Station in New York City; Report Finds Incidents of Anti-Semitism Increase 32 Percent in New Jersey


2018 Terrorism Threat Assessment

2018 Terrorism Threat Assessment

The 2018 Terrorism Threat Assessment is designed to give our customers an understanding of the terrorist threat to New Jersey this year. As we continue into 2018, NJOHSP will build upon this assessment through briefings, written products, and webinars to provide analysis that is relevant, timely, accurate, and insightful.

US Decision on Jerusalem Fuels Terrorist Groups

On December 6, the United States officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced the US Embassy will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In response to this decision, terrorist organizations—specifically al-Qa’ida, HAMAS, and Hizballah—fueled efforts to target the United States and Israel. Since the US’ decision, protests between Palestinians and Israeli forces have escalated, resulting in at least 16 deaths.